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Passes can also be purchased using the Token Transit App (available on iOS/Android). All electronic pass prices reflect a 10% electronic payment processing fee.

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How do I flag a bus?

You can flag any CCPT bus along its route, and the driver will stop if it is safe to do so. You can also request to get off the bus along the route but only if the driver feels it is safe to stop. Otherwise the driver may ask that you wait and be dropped off at a safer place to stop. If you are waiting along the route and want to be sure the bus will see you just call a dispatcher at (518)561-1452

What is a deviation?

All of our regular rural and city routes can pick-up and drop off passengers within ¾ mile of the mapped route. We provide deviation services for a small additional fee (see table above). Please call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule any pick-ups or drop-offs that will require a deviation by calling (518)561-1452

Can I buy passes with a debit card?

Yes, but only through the Token Transit App. Download it to your phone from the app store and you can use your debit/credit card to buy passes. See above for the pricing of passes in the app. Please note if you buy discount passes through the app you will be asked to show proof when boarding the bus.

Can I bring my dog/cat on the bus?

You can bring your pet on the bus if it can be held in a carrier on your lap. Service animals are always welcome. Any dog that is not able to be controlled by its owner and is in danger of biting someone can be denied access to the bus for the safety of all passengers.

What is a "day pass"?

A day pass allows you to ride any bus on a regular scheduled route for a single calendar day. A day pass does not cover deviation fees.

How do I find information about possible weather related/ emergency closures?

CCPT sends out information to a variety of radio stations as well as posts updates to the mynbc5 closure list. The following radio stations are emailed: Z106.3 FM, WIRY 100.7 FM, STAR 92.9, NCPR, The Penguin 97.9/105.7, Frank FM 107.5, Froggy 104.3/100.9

What are the holidays that CCPT is closed?

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day. If the holiday falls on a Saturday we close the previous Friday, and if it falls on a Sunday we will be closed the following Monday. We post to our Facebook page when there are upcoming holidays.

What if I don't live close enough to a route to request a deviation?

CCPT offers a Rural Zone/Dial-A-Ride service that will pick you up from your house and has drop off at the Helen K Friedman Renal Center, Champlain Centre Mall, Market 32, Wal-Mart, UVM-CVPH, Beekman Towers, and the Clinton County Government Center. You can access other CCPT routes from Champlain Centre, Wal-Mart and the Government Center. Please call (518)561-1452 to speak with a dispatcher and schedule a ride at least 24 hours before your trip.

Can I get to Essex County using CCPT?

Yes! CCPT connects to Essex County Transportation on the "Keeseville/ AuSable" route at the stops in Keeseville, and AuSable Forks. The stop in Keeseville connects you to the Champlain North Service (https://essexcountyny.gov/downloads/brochures/ChamplainNorth.pdf) and the stop in AuSable Forks connects you to the Mountain Valley Shuttle (https://essexcountyny.gov/downloads/brochures/MVS.pdf). Call Essex County for more information about those routes (800)914-9266

Can I bring my groceries on the bus?

Yes you can bring your groceries as long as they are able to be held on your lap. We also allow you to bring collapsible carts on the bus as they can fit in front of your feet on the bus. At no time should your legs/carry on items be in the aisle, or blocking an emergency exit!!! If your items are interfering with anyone getting on or off of the bus you may be asked to move your items, and if you refuse you may be asked to leave the bus.

Can the driver ask me to get off of the bus?

YES! If you use foul language, act in a threatening or violent manner, or act in any manner that endangers the safety of others on the bus you may be asked to leave the bus. Also, if you act in a way that is harassing to another passenger or to the driver you will be asked to leave the bus. If you refuse to leave the bus the police may be called to remove you from the bus. Severe behavior may result in a ban from the bus ranging from a week to several months, and repeated incidents may result in a permanent ban.

Can the driver give me change for a $20?

No, drivers do not carry or handle cash, if you are paying a cash fare on the bus or purchasing a pass you must have the exact amount.

How do I provide feedback about CCPT?

As a public agency we always welcome comments and feedback about our service. You can email us at ccpt@clintoncountyny.gov, or fill out our online general feedback form (https://forms.gle/ZtTaeCfuYwvKeox58).<\p>

Or you can write a letter and mail it to:

    Clinton County Public Transit
    135 Margaret Street
    Suite 124
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901